Are you ready to:

F*ck    Some    Fears!?!?

  • Do you feel like you're always trying too hard?

  • Do you avoid situations because of people? 

  • Do you call yourself "too sensitive?"














If you've landed here, it's time. It's time for you to step on to the stage of life with presence and power in your own reality. It's going to be awkward, you'll feel challenged and confronted, but your life will change working with Shane.   Her background as a behaviorist and working with the most neediest of populations, has her leading with compassion and wisdom that has the capacity to have you getting all you want in your life.  People need to be seen in order to transmute old beliefs and mindsets. All humans have anxiety, and most of anxiety stems from experiences you've had as a child, which turns into "shadow."


Having the sense we are in control,  makes us think we are safe. So tricking your ego in safety is what helps you "fuck your fears" and be the rock star that you secretly want to be. The days of working harder can be done. The stories that everyone else is lucky and you don't get the goodies in life, is bulls shit.  


If you're craving  a life that is cool, exciting and fun, while are in your power, then WELCOME~ I am here to guide you towards your own greatness. I take a stand for your gifts, and for you stepping into your most confident and the version of you that has hi caliber self worth. 

If you are making plans to get it together and keep getting stuck, I understand. If you know that there are powers you have beyond therapy and typical coaching, welcome. If you want to walk in a room, on a date, in an interview, into a conversation with the power of a showgirl taking the stage, YES! You are in the right place! And if you actually have the desire to get on a stage, or produce an event, a chosen focus then SUPER WELCOME! 


We work together to embody your true ALIVENESS and your true authentic essence, that is screaming to get out!  You will fuck your fears, (it may feel great, or it might be tough.) All women have access to wisdom, joy and depth. Not all women are ready to embody their natural confident and magical powers. Are you Sister?  


Enchantress Shane works intuitively with a variety of tools to unlock blocks so you can live with radical self expression! What does your fully embodied self-expressed Enchantress even look like? How will you feel when you are truly empowered and step on to your daily stage of life?   I invite you into dream big, playing big and becoming wild with your unique self expression! Are you ready? Now is the time!    

Enchanted Testimonials

For years in therapy, they would always tell me to "feel, just feel." I never did, I would get upset every time, now working with you, I actually feel because of our work together, never mind all the boundaires I set, and all the magic that has appeared in my life, I feel sexy, I have extra money and I got my dream house by the sea, and I don't even like the beach!  -   Bianca C. 
I don't know what I would be doing without Shane, she is a live angel and continues to change my life. My ideal day came true and it wasn't even a year later. It's so easy to speak to her, I say things that I had no idea were even in my head, and if feels so good and she doesn't judge at all! It's amazing, how much people in my life just notice how much I've grown, I don't even say anything, and they give me compliments, or ask me what the hell I've been doing?! Lily V.    

My major doubt was that I could be a person who puts themselves 'out there' because I didn't believe I had anything fresh or new to say. I did overcome that doubt because now I know I have a voice and ideas that resonate with people.  My major breakthrough mindset success was that I am the one who assigns value to myself and my work. I decide. It's a truth that I now embody.

Peggy Alfonse on Youtube: Say Yes To You

What will you work on with Enchantress Shane as your mentor and guide? 


  • Getting through the bullshit lies that keeps you playing in the same patterns

  • Getting clear on where your "playground" is  to experiment with your self expression

  • You'll meet your inner teenager and your resistance, and know it so well that you can see it and handle it in REAL time

  • You'll learn to say NO to you own inner child with love  

  • Learn to speak ninja like boundaries so you can have more fun and FREEDOM! 

  • The feeling of communicating clearly, instead of running away and hiding 

  • Getting a clear vision and taking action to avoid depressing whole days

  • You will get shit done with ease and pleasure, and birth your passion into this world!

  • You will have community just as "weird" as you!

  • Will be able to hack your avoidant  tendencies and break old habits in the sneakiest way to fool your ego

  • You will learn and experience the value of PLAY and why it's necessary 

  • You'll become a bad ass in consent and power play dynamics